The Art of Booleana:

I concentrate on traditional drawings, if necessary with some digital postprocessing. My main work are japan-style comics, so-called manga. Single color pages as well as manga pages and ongoing or short stories are my favourites but I also like photography and 3d-computer graphics (software Blender).

Have a look at my work at deviantart and feel free to comment on it – I’m very thankful for every opinion and advice (as longs as it is reasonable and said in a polite manner):


Unfortunately I already experienced plagiarism 🙁 , although I’m not a pro and only a hobby-mangaka. But there’s still a bit trust left into art via internet. 🙂

Following images are my latest at the moment:

My motivation is all the strength I gain during drawing and it doubtless is something like a dream to may be published in the future. My current project is called „Morphin“ and it is manga that circles a mysterious antiques shop and it’s owners. The story is set up in germany and planned as as mystery-drama manga with comedy influences. Most of my colored work shows the main characters of this story. I’m developping „Morphin“ for nearly 5 years.

In general I like realism and especially the work of Edward Hopper, but also of Klimt and Renoir. Concerning manga, I prefer the works and content of manga from CLAMP (Clover, xxxHolic) and Takeshi Obata (Bakuman) or Naoki Urasawa (Pluto, Monster). So you can see that I like the non-digital area in which artists don’t make any use of tablets.