Meeting Doctor Who: How Future Becomes Past

It’s the episode Fear Her, the 9th of the 2nd Season of the newer ones, which takes place in London in 2012 – people are disappearing at a small residential area at the olympics opening day. Originally the 10th Doctor and Rose wanted to see the olympic games but of course they notice the trouble and try to help. Finally all hints lead to a girl …. (mysterious summary pause) … .
The following link offers more information about the episode: click.

Well, it’s not long ago that I watched this episode for the first time. I thought „Great – look at this, it’s going to happen very soon“.
Now that the 2012 Olympic Games just started I have a strange feeling like nostalgia. It feels like this was the date to meet the doctor and now it’s already past. But there is much more room for this feeling of nostalgia – there are a lot of episodes that makes you feel like you are in some ways part of the story, because Doctor Who deals with everything. Past, present and future. Feeling as a part of it and having the idea of „Today you could possibly meet him“ shows us which one is a good tv-show. I love this show.

This would have been great 🙂

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