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ausgelesen: Naoki Urasawa „Monster“ („Perfect Edition“, engl. Ausgabe)

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Jeder hat so Autoren, deren Geschichten und Erzählweisen mehr und öfter ins Schwarze treffen als die der anderen. So ist das bei mir und Naoki Urasawa. Nachdem ich sein 20th Century Boys (und 21st Centurys Boys) gelesen und geliebt und Pluto verschlungen habe, war es aber Zeit zurück zu den Ursprüngen zu gehen. Denn mein erster „Urasawa“ war Monster (モンスタ). Damals erschien der Manga in Deutschland bei Egmont Manga & Anime vollständig in 18 Bänden. Aber ich weiß nicht woran es lag, ich habe nicht weitergelesen. Heute denke ich, dass…read more

ausgelesen: E.M. Forster „The Machine Stops“ (engl. Ausgabe, Penguin Books Modern Classics Fiction, enthält auch „The Celestial Omnibus“)

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Das erste Mal habe ich von The Machine Stops im Blog von Sabine gehört bzw. gelesen und dank einer gut gepflegten Wunschliste bei einer Gelegenheit von meiner Familie geschenkt bekommen (danke!!). Was mir zuerst nicht auffiel ist, dass sie auch noch eine weitere Kurzgeschichte enthält: The Celestial Omnibus, die ebenso lesenswert ist und den Menschen den Spiegel vorhält.

‚Pacific Rim‘ (2013) vs ‚Neon Genesis Evangelion‘ (1995) – comparison and discussion

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After watching the first trailer of ‚Pacific Rim‘ I really had my doubts and asked myself if it was inspired by my all-time-favourite Neon Genesis Evangelion. There is this catchphrase (to defeat monsters we created monsters), some similar designs and it left me a bit speechless (but only a bit). When the first artworks for a Neon Genesis Evangelion Live Action Adaption went online, I was soooo eager to see this movie. Unfortunately the project was reported as on ice very soon. So I was a bit sceptical that Guillermo…read more


When did Guillermo del Toro fell in love with anime?

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  Guillermo del Toro was involved in some movies I really love such as Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth, Biutiful, Puss in Boots and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Some movies didn’t worked for me like Hellboy II and some left me breathless like Splice. Well…even years after watching Splice I’m not sure what I think about the movie. Nevertheless he’s a genius! But the latest news about Pacific Rim and the Live-Action Adaption of Monster made me wonder. Does he like anime? Is it just me or is Pacific Rim very…read more


keep calm and … 10,000!!!

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Last week I had a special jubilee – my 10,000th pageview at DeviantArt 😀 I’m at DeviantArt for 8 years. It’s one of a certain amount of platforms I tried out for spreading my manga illustrations, manga pages and art in general. There were a lot of platforms that looked cumbersome for me. Maybe there were a lot of conditions what you should upload and what you shouldn’t (data file formats), maybe no security certificates (! this shouldn’t be a problem nowadays !), no chances to communicate with other users…read more


Working with Unity 3D

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My master studies began last october with several computer science lectures like artificial intelligence or virtual reality, furthermore I took part in a poject-centered seminar. The topic was closely related to the virtual reality lecture – we created a game that depends on the mining tradition of our city and we used the game engine Unity by Unity Technologies, which is often simply called Unity-3D. The main topic was to explore the function (and maybe discover the limitations) of Unity and try to focus on immersiveness and good performance. Personal…read more


Meeting Doctor Who: How Future Becomes Past

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It’s the episode Fear Her, the 9th of the 2nd Season of the newer ones, which takes place in London in 2012 – people are disappearing at a small residential area at the olympics opening day. Originally the 10th Doctor and Rose wanted to see the olympic games but of course they notice the trouble and try to help. Finally all hints lead to a girl …. (mysterious summary pause) … . The following link offers more information about the episode: click. Well, it’s not long ago that I watched…read more


The „Person Of Interest“ – Geekism

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short synopsis „Person Of Interest“ is a tv-show that deals with an ex-CIA-agent (John Reese embodied by Jim Caviezel) and a genius software engineer (Harold Finch, portrayed by Michael Emerson) that try to prevent crimes before they actually happen. The so-called person of interest (poi) is delievered as a social security number by a surveillance system (short referenced as the machine) that predicts crimes. Finch and Reese have to figure out if the person is a victim or a perpetrator. The tasks are divided properly: Finch is operating in the…read more


Why I’m very thankful for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Marvel Cinematic Universe is a term for the sum of all Marvel films. I guess it was created to have a name for all the differences from the comics. It’s even more than that: Marvel Studios is an instance looking over the films that were and will be produced. In contrast to DC Comics, which has not such an establishment. This leads to a great advantage for Marvel, because they can create continuity and guarantee that the storylines fit. Furthermore it’s possible to watch over the production and see what’s…read more


About icons and icons

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My last post, dedicated to Dennis McAlistair Ritchie, was also a friendly reminder for all the computer-science or information technology enthusiasts out there (and yes I’m aware that not everyone noticed my blog or if noticed would read it). Through (very funny XD) tv-shows like Big Bang Theory (<3) and the over-emotionally Marketing strategies of Mac-Apple a new lifestyle was created. It's "common" to be nerd. And it's fancy to have an iPhone and to talk only about apps and how to establish a vpn-connection via their new shiny plaything….read more