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My last post, dedicated to Dennis McAlistair Ritchie, was also a friendly reminder for all the computer-science or information technology enthusiasts out there (and yes I’m aware that not everyone noticed my blog or if noticed would read it). Through (very funny XD) tv-shows like Big Bang Theory (<3) and the over-emotionally Marketing strategies of Mac-Apple a new lifestyle was created.
It's "common" to be nerd. And it's fancy to have an iPhone and to talk only about apps and how to establish a vpn-connection via their new shiny plaything.
Some months ago wearing nerd-style glasses was a hot topic – could one imagine that?
When I was at school and get my first glasses, one of the boys who deeply disliked me and decided to make my day even worser, came to me.
We still were at the school bus – he looked at me and laughed so loudly I swear I hear the echo till today.
It was NOT hot to look like a nerd, when I was younger. Absolutely not.

As a student of applied computer science I say „welcome“ to this new lifestyle. Let’s have a look how long it will take till it disappears.
Maybe the affected persons start realising that it isn’t very cool to be NOT a geek but to pretend to BE one. It would be hilarious if I could listen to more people who try to sound like a student of physics or computer science or something similar. Summarising all these dialogues about programming languages, 3D-modelling or hard- and software which terribly failed, would make a gorgeous book with the main problem that it’s audience consists of the few real geeks. They would feel entertained. Mainly because of the fact that the pretenders never noticed how hard they failed.
But enough…that’s a funny appearance but not the main topic – it’s just a current crazy notion that appears to break in to my universe of (let me tell it) geekness.

The other appearance is the new lifestyle of the modern people, mainly influenced by Apple.
There are victims out there that already had an iPhone 2 and just bought an iPhone 3 and as soon as it appeared sold the old one and bought the iPhone 4 immediately. They also need a MacBook and an iPad. Don’t mind that you can use your MacBook or your iPhone to do the things you just did with your iPad. Sometimes it seems to be enough if theres an apple with a missing piece on it. How luxurious.
In my opinion it’s the same ignorance that makes people bully nerd-kids that also makes them buying all Apple-Products that are avalaible. It’s just sooo popular.
There is only one difference: they are 15 years older. Or more than 15 years.

Of course I have to accept if someone has really good arguments and a reasonable decision for buying apple-products – furthermore it’s not really my business what you buy and why you do. But something really makes me sick.
The popularity.
So what?
There were smart mobile phones even before the iPhone was launched. Also tablets were available. Of course notebooks too. The only difference was Apples intuition for so-called tides and an intelligent marketing-strategy (which always comes with over-emotional tv spots – noticed?) …
It’s only a status symbol that led persons to lay flowers in front of apple stores all over the planet.
That’s a very gentle way to show respect and sorrow – Steve Jobs was a great man. Undeniable.
And I’m sure many persons were really moved because of his death. I guess all the status symbols changed many persons life and even if they’re questionable – feelings and bonds are just what you feel they are.
But what about the pioneers like Dennis McAlistair Ritchie? There is no McAlistair Store were you can put some flowers or candles. But every computer-like device or machine only exists in it’s current state beacuse of pioneers like him. Think about it!? It’s always the persons not everyone is talking about… .

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